What Makes A Good Fantasy Football Commissioner?

Fantasy football league quality is generally dependent on the resolve of the person designated as commissioner. Disputes must be solved fairly and objectively, team managers must be involved and want to succeed, and any money collected must be distributed according to the pre-determined structure. First, I will discuss the various tools available to the commissioner, and then go into the qualities that make a good commissioner.

The commissioner determines some of the most important aspects of the league before the draft. First, the commissioner is generally responsible for recruiting enough players to have a competitive league. General leagues are between 8 to 12 players, but 6 or 14 in extreme scenarios can be used. Generally, four teams are frowned upon because every team will be an all-star team and skill will be relegated to ufabet เว็บหลัก luck. Sixteen teams is in my opinion way too much, because you will be scraping the bottom of the barrel of players to fill out your roster.

If you are doing a cash league, recruit players that can and will pay before or at the draft. I have had several leagues with that one bad apple that always has a sob story about how they don’t have the money, forgot the money, or will pay you in the future. Avoid these people if possible, because they are very hard to collect from. As the commissioner, it is your responsibility to promote fairness and collect funds, so if you can not collect then you might be responsible for their share, which of course isn’t really fair.

Finally, try and make sure that your players are knowledgeable about sports and competitive. Chances are that most passive fans will give up as soon as the going gets rough, so try to find people with fantasy experience, football knowledge, or a competitive streak. Most leagues have one or two people that might give up halfway through, but a league where half of the managers give up is just no fun for anybody. Try to control the types of people that enter your league.

After you have a general idea of who will be in your league, you will need to make